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Delivery Platforms Europe brings together restaurant and instant delivery platforms to increase awareness of the unique benefits that they bring to Europe’s consumers, merchants, and self-employed courier partners among EU stakeholders and policymakers.

The Coalition supports policy initiatives which favour the sustainable development of the platform economy in Europe and the development of a fair and inclusive platform work environment. The members are leading technology platforms and, as such, are committed to inform policy debates to ensure Europe becomes a best in class market for innovation driven business models.

What we stand for

Delivery Platforms Europe is committed to seeking constant dialogue with stakeholders who share an interest in the future of the platform and collaborative economy.

All members stand for a firm commitment to driving innovation across Europe and tap into the potentials Europe offers in terms of defining frameworks that help create an ecosystem that works for all.

In our case this means to work on refining the relationships between restaurants and vendors, couriers, customers as well platforms.

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