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Statement on the European Commission’s platform work proposal.

“We’re concerned about the impact this proposal could have on riders, restaurants and the wider EU economy. A recent study by Copenhagen Economics predicted that EU-wide reclassification could lead to up to 250,000 people deciding to stop doing delivery work as they would no longer have the flexibility they seek.

“A recent survey of 16,000 couriers across the EU found that flexibility was the number one reason they choose to work with platforms.

“Where rules have facilitated status reclassification, the negative outcomes for couriers themselves as well as for restaurants and customers is clear. In Spain, where status reclassification has been promoted against the expressed wishes of riders, representatives of these riders estimate that 8,000 individuals are now out of work. Even the European Commission acknowledges that reclassification may reduce flexibility and lead to a reduction in income for some platform workers.

“We hope that the Parliament and the Council will ensure that the concerns of couriers and companies like ours are taken into account and that the proposals can be improved.”

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